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Ivy Watts

Mental Health Empowerment Speaker

Always remember that

who you are in this moment

is more than good enough.

Hi, I am Ivy

I am a former All-American student-athlete, who seemed to have it all together, graduating Summa Cum Laude and securing a spot as a top 30 finalist for the NCAA Woman of the Year Award. However, on the inside, I struggled with anxiety, self-worth issues, and depression. After finally seeking help, I am now dedicated to promoting mental wellness and self-love.


I have empowered over 200,000 students, administrators, coaches, parents, and employees to practice self-care and self-love for themselves and for others. 

Together, we can change and save lives!

Mental Health Empowerment Speaker


Self-Care Tools For Students

It's Okay To Not Be Okay. For Students and Student-Athletes

Making A Difference

Supporting The Mental Health of Your Students And Yourself

Self-Care In The Workplace

Practicing Self-Care and Mental Wellness in The Workplace and Beyond

Mental Wellness in Motherhood

It's Okay To Not Enjoy Every Moment

Mental Health Empowerment Speaker

Mental Health
Speaking Topics

You Are Worth Fighting For

You guide to finding mental wellness and self-love

Mental Health Empowerment Speaker


Mental Health Empowerment Speaker
My Entire Life, I Always Wanted
To Do Something Bigger Than Myself.
I Am Forever Thankful That My
Story Has Allowed Me To Do That!


Coaches Presentation: Ivy’s presentation at the WeCOACH Boston Regional Workshop was truly impactful. Her authentic storytelling and practical insights resonated deeply, inspiring a renewed commitment to holistic coaching within our women coaches community. Her sincere dedication, evident in the Q&A session and her honest feedback, showcased a genuine connection with the audience. We value how her insights align seamlessly with our mission to recruit, retain, and advance women in coaching. Her tools are invaluable in helping coaches sustain impactful careers in coaching and we express our gratitude to Ivy for her bravery in sharing her story and wisdom, leaving a lasting mark on how to support the mental health of our student-athletes and sharing how coaches can make a difference.

Marci Kornegay, Director of Leadership Programs and Events, WeCoach

Ivy was such a powerful speaker at SDSU! She connected and engaged with all four groups of student-athletes that she presented to. Ivy varied her presentation content for larger groups and smaller teams/groups. Not only was her message and content exactly what the Athletics department had hoped for, the interactive and relatable nature of her presentations created a safe atmosphere for student-athletes to share and ask questions. Ivy also presented to the coaches and provided a mental health playbook that they could utilize with their teams. Ivy intertwined messages and ways to support the student-athletes on their teams as well as ways to support themselves! Finally, Ivy presented to a local high school and the student-athletes connected so well to her message and presentation. I highly recommend purchasing Ivy's book, "You Are Worth Fighting For", to give to audience members for her presentations- the student-athletes were thrilled to have her sign their books and speak with her after each presentation.

Katie Morrill, LCSW Faculty, School of Social Work- San Diego State University

You gave me the strength to schedule an appointment with a counselor on campus to help with the negativity and stress that I've been dealing with for so long. I finally feel empowered to make a change in my life  after being in the dark for so long. I think everyone in the room took something out of your story.

Student-Athlete, Bentley University

The University of Rhode Island athletic department was fortunate to host Ms. Ivy Watts as a speaker this spring. What a breath of fresh air! Ivy provided tools for our student athletes on the topics of mental health and performance anxiety. Many of our athletes have referred back to this presentation as a life changing moment for their athletic and academic careers.

Jeff Johnson Associate Athletic Director, Student Development and Inclusion Excellence, University of Rhode Island

Making a Lasting Impact. I reached out to you at the end of my daughter's spring semester last year. You spoke at her university and through your words she began a journey of healing and growth. Less than a year later she is stronger and wiser, but also gentle on herself on days that are challenging. I just wanted to thank you; you are such a source of strength and resiliency for these student-athletes and they need that voice, that face which they can look in the eyes, hear the voice, of someone who completely relates and understands. 

Parent of a College Student-Athlete
Auditorium Audience

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