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Mentoring Services!

Are you ready to start your mental wellness journey, but not sure where to begin or who to turn to? I get it. I struggled with my own mental health for most of my life and felt alone. It wasn't until I was able to get help through therapy, and change my mindset about myself through self-love, that I was able to be in what I call, mental health recovery. I want to show you that you can reach this point too! Together, we will work on your mental health goals, by challenging your negative beliefs, empowering you to find wellness tools that work for you, and guide you on your mental wellness journey.

Ivy will provide emotional support and help you to:

-Challenge your negative and anxious thoughts about yourself and your experiences
-Identify your goals and work with you to help you to meet those
-Create a positive mindset
-Use your voice more to advocate for the help you deserve
-Reach any wellness goals you have for yourself

I can't wait to work with you and help you reach your mental wellness goals!

Mentoring sessions are $80/session.

I can meet you in a location that feels comfortable for you (coffee shop, a park, etc) or virtually! 

Please note, if you are outside of a 30 mile radius, I am only able to provide services virtually.

Book Your First Mentoring Session Today!
What days are best for you to meet?

Thanks for submitting! I will be in touch in 24-48 hours to book your first session!! I am looking forward to creating your mental wellness journey!

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