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Target Audience

Middle School, High School and College Students/Student-Athletes

Key Takeaways
  • Ivy’s story of her struggle with her mental health as an athlete and beyond (anxiety, depression, low self- esteem), her fear of speaking up, but how speaking up saved her life. This is to normalize the conversation around mental health , relate to the pressures that students feel and empower them to know that recovery is possible

  • Interactive activities to demonstrate that seeking help is a sign of strength

  • Interactive, hands-on self-care and mental wellness tools are provided to help students build strength and resiliency for future difficult times

  • Learn about the power of self-love and positivity

  • How to incorporate self-care into the day

  • Encourage students to see that they are never alone through discussion of the many resources available

  • Feel empowered and learn tools to be part of the solution to change mental health culture

  • Time for Q&A

*Presentation can be 60 or 90 minutes in length (or different length by request)

*90-minute format only: Interactive activity on addressing our fears using a strength-based approach. Activity provides an emphasis on the tools already within us to reach our goals and build confidence and resilience, despite our fears.


It's Okay To Not Be Okay. For Students and Student-Athletes

Hands on self-care tools and empowering students to practice mental wellness and self-love


Mental Health Toolkit

Key takeaways from the presentation, including access to over 50 affirmations to help attendees start or continue their self-love journey.

Also, you will get two personalized follow up 3-5 minute videos specific to your organization with reminders on topics covered in presentation (sent within a month of the presentation).

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