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Mental Health Book for Coaches by Ivy Watts

Mental Health Playbook For Coaches

Hands-on and practical guide, empowering coaches to support the mental health of their student-athletes. 

This comprehensive resource offers step-by-step guidelines, equipping coaches with the knowledge and tools needed to foster a supportive environment for the mental wellbeing of their athletes and for themselves.

Key features

  • Recognition of Warning Signs:

    • Guidance on identifying potential mental health warning signs among athletes.

    • Insights into understanding and addressing mental health challenges proactively.

  • Conversations Around Mental Health:

    • Step-by-step tips for coaches on initiating and navigating conversations about mental health with their athletes.

    • Strategies to create an open and non-judgmental space for athletes to share their experiences.

  • Integration of Mental Wellness Tools:

    • How to incorporate self-care and mental wellness tools into games, competitions, practices, and team meetings.

    • Strategies to make mental health a fundamental aspect of the overall coaching approach.

  • Tangible Tools and Creative Check-Ins:

    • Accessible and tangible tools for coaches, including print outs for creative ways to check in with their athletes

    • Over 80 journal prompts designed to encourage self-reflection and open communication among coaches and athletes.

  • Self-Care and Mental Wellness for Coaches:

    • Special emphasis on the well-being of coaches themselves, providing tools for self-care.

    • Insights to ensure coaches are equipped to support their athletes effectively while maintaining their own mental wellness.

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