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Target Audience

Employees (Corporate or Nonprofit)

Key Takeaways
  • Learn to normalize the topic of mental health struggles in the workplace and beyond through learning of Ivy’s story of her struggle with anxiety, depression, and low self- esteem in silence as someone who looked like they had it together and through her story of managing grief and self-care in the workplace setting.

  • Interactive, hands-on tools for self-care and mental wellness to use in and out of workplace to reduce stress, improve overall well-being, and improve workplace performance/prevent burnout.

  • Emphasis on how to find mindful moments within the workday

  • Learn about the power of self-love and positivity

  • Acknowledgement that the pressures of being an employee will always exist, but having self-care tools allows you to move through those pressures with more ease and efficiency

  • Tools are provided on how to stay motivated, how to avoid burnout and how to improve confidence

  • Understand how to be a support for colleagues and your employees to be a part of improving the mental wellness culture at your organization

  • Learn about the many mental health resources available both online and in the workplace

  • Time for Q&A

*Presentation can be 60 or 90 minutes in length (or different length by request)

*90-minute format only: Interactive activity on addressing our fears using a strength-based approach. Activity provides an emphasis on the tools already within us to reach our goals and build confidence and resilience, despite our fears.


Practicing Self-Care and Mental Wellness in The Workplace and Beyond

How to stay motivated, avoid burnout and improve confidence


Mental Health Toolkit

Key takeaways from the presentation, including access to over 50 affirmations to help attendees start or continue their self-love journey.

Also, you will get two personalized follow up 3-5 minute videos specific to your organization with reminders on topics covered in presentation (sent within a month of the presentation).

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