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Ivy Watt's Book "You Are Worth Fighting For"

SKU 364215376135191


Have you ever felt like you were not good enough, worthy enough, or capable enough? Have you ever struggled with anxiety, depression, sadness, regret, or disappointment? If you have, you are not alone. I see you and I am here with you. I spent a lot of my life feeling the same way that you might be right now. What if I told you that even if you have struggled in the past, you are still worthy of your tomorrow? Or what if I told you that you already have the strength and the tools within and around you to create the life you want to be living? This book will help you to look within and develop mental wellness tools that will help you to begin your self-worth and self-love journey, despite any challenges you may face now or in the future.


This book honors my late mother and her legacy as it is a compilation of eleven of her life lessons. With a mental health lens, I have applied a lesson from my mom to each chapter of this book to help you find your own sense of mental wellness, self-worth, and self-love. Through the tools, reflection prompts and questions provided, you will walk away not only with some new catchy phrases, but also with a renewed sense of self. You will learn tools to love and accept yourself for who you are and know that in this moment and in every moment, you are more than good enough and will always be worth fighting for.


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