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Ivy Watts

Mental Health Empowerment Speaker

Always remember that

who you are in this moment

is more than good enough.

Hi, I am Ivy

I am a former All-American student-athlete, who seemed to have it all together, graduating Summa Cum Laude and securing a spot as a top 30 finalist for the NCAA Woman of the Year Award. However, on the inside, I struggled with anxiety, self-worth issues, and depression. After finally seeking help, I am now dedicated to promoting mental wellness and self-love.


I have empowered over 200,000 students, administrators, coaches, parents, and employees to practice self-care and self-love for themselves and for others. 

Together, we can change and save lives!

Mental Health Empowerment Speaker


Tools For Self-Care For Students

It's Okay To Not Be Okay. For Students and Student-Athletes

Making A Difference

Supporting The Mental Health of Your Students And Yourself

Self-Care In The Workplace

Practicing Self-Care and Mental Wellness in The Workplace and Beyond

Mental Wellness in Motherhood

It's Okay To Not Enjoy Every Moment

Mental Health Empowerment Speaker

Mental Health
Speaking Topics

Mental Health Empowerment Speaker

You Are Worth Fighting For

You guide to finding mental wellness and self-love


Mental Health Empowerment Speaker
My Entire Life, I Always Wanted
To Do Something Bigger Than Myself.
I Am Forever Thankful That My
Story Has Allowed Me To Do That!


Ivy Watts delivered an amazing presentation to the student-athletes of the New Jersey Athletic Conference. Our student-athletes left the workshop inspired and empowered to find beauty and strength in who they are and what they accomplish daily.

Kristen Foley, Associate Director of Athletics, William Paterson University

I have struggled with my mental health, but I am recognizing that I can heal through speaking about it. You inspired me to keep using my voice, so thank you! If you had any doubts if you touched anyone in this room, know that you touched me.

Parent of a Student-Athlete at Randolph High School

You are such an inspiration, and an overall amazing person. It was great to have someone to relate to, I was speechless. That was by far the best speech I’ve heard. Thank you for sharing. You deserve the world! Let’s make a change!

Student-Athlete, New Hampshire Student Leadership Conference

Outstanding presentation. Ivy was fantastic and engaging in sharing her testimony. If you missed the session, you missed out!

Tony Price, Athletic Director, Randolph High School

Mental Wellness In The Workplace Presentation: We engaged with Ivy when we were looking for a motivational speaker for our company's Wellbeing day, which was focused all around mental health and wellness. We selected Ivy to be our guest speaker for this day, because her story was compelling and it aligned with the theme of our day. Ivy's presentation was incredible, she was energetic, and real. She demonstrated how it's ok to be vulnerable and acknowledge when things in life are not ok. She delivered an inspiring and moving presentation and left us with tools to equip ourselves to feel mentally empowered. The positive feedback we received from the attendees has been overwhelming. I highly recommend this session with Ivy and would absolutely book her for a future event.

Brittany Harvie, Sr. Manager, Solution Consulting, Salesforce
Auditorium Audience

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